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Top 9 Best Compression Gloves For Arthritis

Best compression gloves 2020

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Hand arthritis is no joke. Neither are arthritis gloves. That’s why you’re here. Maybe you have arthritis or see the onset of it. Hopefully one of these gloves can help.

Hands are an important part of the body, and if you have arthritis, then it affects your daily activities like writing, typing, cooking, and even brushing your teeth.

Managing that pain with regular and routine hand massages, stretches, and exercise is a great place to start, but the reality is, it’s tough to stay on top of, and you need a solution that’s going to suit you on your time.

Here we are going to review the best arthritis gloves that have worked for thousands of people who struggle with arthritis pain. They’re easy to use and are often overlooked.

Below the list of gloves, I’ll discuss more about how arthritis gloves work and what to keep an eye out for in choosing a pair.

Comparison of Best Arthritis Gloves Available in Market

ModelMaterialFingertipsCheck Price
IMAK Compression Arthritis GlovesCotton-SpandexOpen CHECK PRICE
Thermoskin Premium Arthritic GlovesTextured Trioxon liningOpen CHECK PRICE
Vive Arthritis GlovesCotton-SpandexOpen CHECK PRICE
Hempvana Arthritis Compression GlovesHemp Plant FibersOpen CHECK PRICE
Dr. Frederick's Arthritis Gloves 60% Cotton / 33% Polyester / 7% SpandexOpen CHECK PRICE
Copper Compression Arthritis GlovesCopper+ Ultra Comfortable FabricOpen CHECK PRICE
Copper Fit Compression Gloves83% Copper Infused Nylon; 17% SpandexOpen CHECK PRICE
Comfy Brace Arthritis GlovesCotton-SpandexOpen CHECK PRICE
Doctor Developed Compression Arthritis GlovesCompressive CottonOpen CHECK PRICE
Pnrskter compression gloves 88% Combed Cotton / 12% SpandexOpen CHECK PRICE

1. Best Overall – IMAK Arthritis Compression Gloves

IMAK arthritis compression gloves

The IMAK Arthritis Gloves are designed by an orthopedic surgeon and have received praise from the Arthritis Foundation for their ease of use and wearable design.

IMAK gloves are made of cotton and spandex (latex-free) that not only breathe, but also allows for all-day wear.

Compression may not be as pronounced as Thermoskin, but it provides ideal support for people with mild to moderate arthritis.

The little compression it provides is not so much as to impede blood flow to the hands. There are five sizes to choose from, so you can find the one that fits best.

While designed to relieve arthritic pain, the IMAK glove can be used for people who have tired work, cold hands, poor circulation and nervous pain (neuropathy).

The IMAK gloves are charcoal-gray and look more like winter gloves than medical gloves. They are less likely to have sweat than Thermoskin, which is another great advantage.

2. Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves

Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves

Made by Thermoskin, one of the most famous glove companies, these arthritic gloves have a multi-layered design:

  • The outer layer is textured to enhance your grip.
  • The inner lining is soft and flexible and provides constant compression without loose or restricting movement.

Arthritis severity can change day to day, so it’s important to find a pair of gloves that fits well. Thermoskin gloves are a good choice if you’re looking for a pair of gloves that can be adjusted to fit your needs. Thermoskin gloves are available in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

These gloves are made of soft, breathable materials to keep your hands warm and dry. The neoprene or polyester content of Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves effectively captures and retains heat. Better yet, they are 100% latex-free.

As the design of the popular Thermoskin gloves, they can be some of the best looking arthritis gloves on the market today. They come in shiny black with wide Velcro closure. The premium model has a stylish embossed design for the scale of the fish.

3. Vive Arthritis Gloves

Vive Arthritis Gloves

The Arthritis Gloves by Vive is designed to provide targeted compression therapy for arthritis and carpal tunnel. Premium cotton spandex material embraces the natural shape of your hands relieving tendons, muscles, and joints.

The heat retentive gloves deliver soothing warmth to aches and pains yet are breathable enough to provide comfort for all-day wear. The open finger design allows you to easily perform everyday tasks like using your cell phone or computer.

With smart seam stitching, the gloves are irritation free and long-lasting. The Arthritis Gloves by Vive is trusted and proven.

4. Hempvana Arthritis Glove

Hempvana Arthritis Gloves

Arthritis in your hands is painful and can make everyday tasks difficult, introducing hemp thana hats. The technologically advanced arthritis gloves.

The gloves they combined compression for improved mobility and dexterity with the breath-ability of hemp fiber.

Woven with cannabis Sativa fibers hemp fauna hands uses the latest in compression technology for the perfect compression comfort and supportive arthritic wrists fingers and hands.

From opening jars to texting on your smartphone hem fana hands can provide instant relief. They’re woven with cannabis Sativa fibers, so they’re lightweight and ultra-breathable. You can even sleep with them.

5. Dr. Frederick’s Original Arthritis Gloves

Dr. Frederick's Original Arthritis Gloves

The original arthritis gloves, Dr Frederick’s gloves, are said to have been designed to relieve pain and provide support quickly.

Made from a blend of cotton, spandex and polyester, they are more resistant than other compression gloves. At the same time, the fabric is breathable and comfortable, while retaining therapeutic warmth.

This pair of gloves offer a medium level of compression, perfect for helping people with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. However, it is not the best solution for other hand problems, such as Raynaud’s syndrome. We especially like the elongated fingers that relieve pain in all joints, not just at the wrist and joints.

Focused compression points relieve pain and stiffness, helping you continue your daily life without feeling too much pain. The gloves are available in three sizes and are very easy to clean with your usual laundry. They are great for work, home and even the gym, as they are similar to CrossFit gloves.

6. Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

When you have arthritis, simple things like opening a jar or typing on a keyboard can be extremely difficult. However, it’s no secret that staying active is the key to reducing symptoms. And that’s where copper compression gloves for arthritis come in.

The copper fit compression gloves with sure-grip technology to give you more power more control and more agility than ever. Infused with real copper ions, these gloves help relieve pain caused by sore muscles and stiff joints.

The advanced copper infused compression fabric woven into an ultra-lightweight performance glove that fits like a second skin to support relief and recovery of sore muscles and painful joint stiffness. The new sure grip bands are built-in to provide a robust non-slip grip for more power and control.

So thin that they give the impression of being a second skin, they do not limit your movements and also promote blood circulation. The tissues and bones in your hands receive more oxygen, while the compression action also provides the necessary support for the wrist.

Available in four sizes, these copper gloves are made of ultra-comfortable and breathable material. They are very easy to care for and can be machine washed, while the high-quality fibers do not get lost over time. We especially like the grip bands on the palm.

At first glance, they may appear to be just a nice design feature, but they actually prevent objects from slipping and improve the overall handling of objects. We also like the moisture-wicking fabric, made of latex-free nylon and spandex. It is an excellent choice for everyone, even for people with hypersensitive skin or allergies.

In addition to relieving the symptoms of arthritis, these gloves are an excellent choice for a variety of different illnesses. They can provide almost instant pain relief for people with carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, and can even speed recovery from hand surgery. Ideal for day or night wear, they are available as a pair and are without a doubt the best arthritis gloves for most people.

7. Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

This pair of Compression Arthritis Hand Gloves from Comfy Brace promises fast comfort, strength, and durability. Their greatest strength is an innovative and intelligent design that combines support and breathability.

Comfy Brace’s hand compression gloves with an open finger are an excellent choice for computer use and more. Older women who love to knit, for example, will also find these compression gloves amazing. In addition, they are a great choice for office workers as well as for athletes.

Their functional design fits perfectly into the daily life of the person wearing them, allowing them to grasp and feel objects, to touch food, Smart sewing technology minimizes irritation while improving durability.

Sure, some seams can come off, but overall, you can expect these gloves to have a decent lifespan. The flexible material not only ensures a wide range of movement, but it is also breathable, which makes these gloves perfect for wearing in all seasons.

Recommended by healthcare professionals, Comfy Brace gloves are also accompanied by a practical electronic book containing advice on exercises to do in arthritis. Everything you need for lasting comfort and quick pain relief.

8. Doctor Developed Compression Arthritis Gloves

Doctor Developed Compression Arthritis Gloves

Founded by two medical practitioners, the Dr Arthritis brand offers a range of orthopedic devices, compression sleeves and gloves designed specifically for arthritis patients.

At first glance, Dr Arthritis compression gloves may look like other arthritis gloves, but the manufacturer’s direct experience in managing stiffness, pain, and swelling is highlighted by how these gloves are manufactured.

Dr Arthritis’s arthritis compression gloves are made from cotton nylon and breathable spandex. A choice of materials capable of optimizing comfort even when worn all day. The tissue, while ensuring the expected compression, is also elastic enough not to impede blood circulation.

The result is a glove that does wonders for relieving arthritis symptoms and is also an excellent choice for other conditions, including Raynaud’s syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even sports-related injuries.

Not only are these gloves incredibly efficient, but they are also offered at an attractive price. In addition, the helpful Dr Arthritis Handbook provides information, advice and opinions on how to treat this disease.

We appreciate that the purchase of these gloves contributes to a cause, since the manufacturer donates 10% of all of its profits to the Arthritis Foundation.

9. Pnrskter Compression Gloves For Arthritis Pain Relief

Pnrskter Compression Gloves For Arthritis Pain Relief

If you are looking for a pair of inexpensive compression gloves for arthritis, then Pnrskter gloves might be for you. With a design inspired by the biggest brands in the industry, they promise rapid pain relief and comfort.

Don’t expect exceptional durability, but considering the fact that many compression gloves have weak seams, it’s a great deal. As you would expect from gloves explicitly designed for arthritis, the Pnrskter provides adequate joint support, therapeutic compression, and the warmth needed to fight pain and stiffness.

They are light and breathable and allow for fingerless compression. This design will enable you to perform all daily tasks without interference, from using your mobile devices to cooking and crafts. Perhaps their most significant strength is their careful design, with minimal stitching and solid stitching.

As we have already told you, they will not last a lifetime, but this design reduces skin irritation and maximizes comfort. In addition, these gloves are thermo-regulatory.

They retain heat and soothe painful hands and joints. Guaranteed for 18 months and benefiting from friendly customer service, they are undoubtedly an excellent choice if you need a pair that will not let you down.

There you have it. The best compression gloves for arthritis.

These gloves provide comfort, compression, and warmth designed to relax muscles, encourage blood flow, and reduce that painful swelling. You can wear them overnight or throughout the day.

With support across your fingers and wrist, they make it easier to grip objects and perform those daily tasks.

There are no negative side effects, and best of all, they don’t break the bank.

If you are arthritis patient and you’re not looking to slow down, and you’re not looking to stop doing the things you love to do, then consider ordering a pair today and experience the relief for yourself.

How Do Arthritis Gloves Work?

Arthritis or compression gloves are intended to soothe the joints and muscles of the hands and feet. They may also be used to relieve pain and stiffness in the joints.

Compression gloves can also make you feel calmer and more at ease as they ease the pain in your hands. This is because they can make you feel as if you’re wrapped in a warm blanket. These gloves can also be helpful if you’re suffering from muscle spasms.

There is strong evidence to support the use of compression garments for the relief of symptoms of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Studies have shown that the use of compression gloves for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is associated with a significant reduction in pain and disability.

Two Main Types of Arthritis Gloves

There are two different main types we have one with grips and one without – Full-Fingered and Fingerless. Whether you need the ones that cover your fingers depends on what you would be doing on a regular basis.

If you’re doing more day-to-day activities like picking up a cup or you know doing something around the house where need a little bit more grip then the gloves with grips is best for you.

The other ones without the grips are going to be useful if you’re sleeping with the gloves or if you’re typing on a computer and you want more breathability so if you’re wearing it for extended periods of time the ones without the grips might be really nice.

The fact that your fingers are open in these gloves allows you a lot of flexibility when you’re using them day-to-day so you can use them easily typing on a computer or using your phone as well, and you know you can do just about anything.

What Features Should I Look For In Arthritis Gloves

The fingers

Material and Construction:

Generally, arthritis gloves come in two materials,

1)    A blend of Copper Nylon and Spandex

2)    A blend of Cotton and Spandex

The Metal Infusion in copper gloves provides them with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. They are thinner and perhaps more suitable in hot weather where your hands may overheat or sweat a lot.

On the other hand, the cotton gloves are thicker with a little more compression, and it is best in cold weather.

Both materials are equally effective, and much will depend on your particular needs and preferences.


Style is also an essential factor. Arthritis gloves come in two styles

  1. Open Fingertips
  2. Close fingertips (Full length)

Open Fingertips gloves are best when you use it during day time. It is best for the office and home using a laptop etc.

Rheumatoid arthritis rarely affects the DIP joints, so full-length gloves are typically used by those with osteoarthritis or Raynaud’s Disease.


To be able to choose the best compression gloves, you must make sure that the size is the one that best suits your hand perfectly. Although they are made of stretch fabric for comfort, it is not convenient or too large or too small.

So, to avoid discomfort, you should measure the palm of your hand without taking the thumb, that is, measure under the fingers with the open hand, so you can know if your size is the small one ℗, the median (M), the big one (G) or the extra-large one ( XL )

Heat and Gradual Compression:

These two characteristics are perhaps the strongest points. Compression gloves should ensure that the pain remits as soon as possible, and for this, the gradual heat that is obtained with the gentle pressure directly affects the circulation. In this way, the intensity of pain decreases until it disappears completely.

Magnetic Therapy:

Some models include magnets that act as massagers acting pressure on those points where the pain occurs. These magnets make the muscles and joints relax by causing inflammation to disappear.


One of the many frustrating symptoms caused by arthritis is gripping the hand with reduced force. This can make it more difficult to complete many daily activities, from opening the jars with condiments to the use of kitchen utensils. Some arthritis gloves have rubberized palms that can help improve the grip of objects


It is certainly not the most essential feature to consider when choosing the best gloves for arthritis, however, if you have to use them during the day to go out, make sure they are of a color that matches the rest of your clothing. In order not to make a mistake, know that the black color matches everything.