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Best Gloves for Punching Bag 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Before deciding to buy your first pair of boxing gloves, take a look at our guide and the recommended models, two in particular: Leone 1947 Flash, PU gloves with Velcro closure suitable for following budding athletes but also the most experienced. A good purchase is also represented by the Red Twins Special, a model chosen by many users who confirm its good quality and effective performance during training.

How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves?

There are many contact sports that use gloves to protect the hand and cushion the blow that the opponent receives in return. And consequently, the gloves that accompany this sport have different characteristics and appearance that must be carefully considered before deciding to purchase the most suitable type. Our guide briefly describes what are the main features to consider when shopping for you.

Weight in Ounces

OZ stands for ounces, the unit of weight currently in use in the United States, and is used to identify the type of glove, its weight but, above all, the category to which the athlete will use a certain type of gloves belongs.

The price in this case is directly influenced by the value expressed in OZ because the difference concerns the degree of resistance that the glove offers to the blow. Rarely does the fit change with the variation of the number of OZ, what changes instead is the wear and tear that the glove undergoes based on the force that the user uses.

Compare the prices of the various models but keep in mind that all the gloves start from a value of 6 OZ, are suitable for boys or junior athletes whose weight starts from 45 kilos, and reach a maximum value of 18 OZ, specific especially for sparring in the gym.


On the market there are plenty of possibilities to choose from, there are specific solutions for each sport you want to practice. There is not only boxing, but the main distinction made between these variants also is the battlefield, so if the match takes place on a ring or tatami the type of glove will be different. In the same way, it must be remembered that the gloves that are used in the gym to hit the sack are not the same that are used during the meeting or training.

The best brand today remains for many the historic Leone, but there are many other equally valid items. All offer a wide choice of materials that guarantee different glove weight and therefore different hand grip and performance during the competitive challenge. Remember that leather, the best material par excellence, is reserved only for professional sportsmen and is used mainly during matches.

The Best Glove Closure

As with shoes, even here the distinction is basically between two types of closures: Velcro or with strings. The first type is clearly the most comfortable one to wear, the gloves do not require a helper to be worn and are immediately ready for training.

The models that close with strings are the ones that often accompany the sportsman during competitions: they have a better grip that can be adjusted to the thousandth directly on the hand and turn into an extension. The only drawback is that they cannot be worn by the athlete alone, but they need a valid helper to hold them tightly.

In the ranking below you will find a selection of the most popular products this year, each accompanied by a review that will allow you to quickly know the salient features of each glove.

The Top 5 Boxing Gloves

Anxious to know which are the best boxing gloves of 2020? We have compiled for you an accurate ranking of the best products that have won the most heartfelt recommendations of their buyers. Here is a brief description to find out which features distinguish the best boxing gloves.


1. Leone 1947 BOXING GLOVE

Main advantage:

They are very simple gloves to put on and take off because the closure is velcro, a more practical choice of laces, which remain the favorite of professionals.

Main disadvantage:

The seams which, according to the opinion of several users, are badly made and fail after a few months of use or, in the best of cases, after just over a year, have greatly disappointed.

Verdict 9.6 / 10

They are gloves for beginners, not very suitable for intensive use. Despite this we believe that the price is fair and as first gloves or for moderate use in the gym, they can be more than good.



Entry level gloves

Leone is a well-known brand to sportsmen, especially those who hang out in the rings. It is an Italian brand that over the years has been able to win the respect of many fans, especially boxing. There are many professionals who wear Leone gloves but not the model we are presenting to you.

In this case, we are in the presence of an entry-level accessory dedicated, more than anything else, to the training of amateurs, even without necessarily facing a fight.

They are especially good for bag training. We specify, however, that they are suitable for all ring sports, regardless of whether it is boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, or others. Let’s pause for a moment on the measurements because it is a very important detail: they are of standard size and for adults only.



Among the characteristics that gloves must always have there is good breathability and it seems to us that from this point of view there are no complaints either from us or from those who bought them and decided to share his online experience.

It’s okay that your hands don’t sweat more than necessary, but that’s not enough. The glove must protect the hands of the wearer and, of course, who takes the blows. Also in this case we feel we can express a positive opinion: the padding is more than enough to ensure the absorption of the blows. Especially if you are a beginner you will find the velcro closure very comfortable instead of the classic laces: in this way you can wear and remove them without problems.

Unreliable seams

They are rather cheap boxing gloves and we must confirm to those who, looking at the price, have heard an alarm bell ring. They don’t last long; the main problems concern the seams. The succession of blows causes the sagging of the seams, both inside and outside.

This problem has greatly annoyed users who have expressed their disappointment in the comments that appeared on the net.

We can therefore say that this model is not suitable for its intensive. Having said that, however, we are convinced that the price is convenient if compared to the general quality of the item; as “first gloves” we feel we can suggest them then with increasing experience it will be a must to switch to a better quality model that, of course, will have a higher price.

They are gloves for beginners, not very suitable for intensive use. Despite this, we believe that the price is fair and as first gloves or for moderate use in the gym, they can be more than good.

2. Red Twins Special Muay Thai Leather Boxing Gloves


It is not easy to find your way around, and finding out how to choose good boxing gloves can prove more difficult than you think. A good strategy is to choose between brands that are experienced in the sector, as in the case of this Twins model that offers a wide range of choices to satisfy everyone’s tastes regardless of the weight category of the athlete, including boxing gloves for children.

In fact, sizes from 8 to 16 OZ are available to meet the needs of sportsmen of all ages and builds. Although not exactly bag gloves, they offer the advantage of resisting wear well and protecting the hand carefully from blows thanks to the multilayer padding.

They are made of real leather and in general, the materials used are of great quality, so much so that they are among the best sellers in their price category.

As expected from gloves intended for training and not for performance in the race, these have an adjustable Velcro closure even if you are already wearing a glove on the other hand.

Our guide to choosing the best boxing gloves continues with a summary of the main features of these Twins Specials which can be a valuable help in understanding whether or not they can meet their needs.


  • Sizes:

Unlike other models sold online, these gloves are available in both 8 and 16 Oz, so you can choose the size that best suits your build.

  • Upholstery:

The multi-layered padding of the gloves can last a long time, especially when you train with heavy bags and want to protect your hand well.

  • Materials:

They are made of leather, a choice that increases their quality, makes them more resilient and long-lasting.

  • Work out:

Competitors who want a pair of training gloves will be satisfied with this product, as well as novice beginners.


  • Color:

It will be possible to buy them only bright red, so you can not indulge yourself with other colors.


3. Sphinx Gear Blackstorm Skull, Boxing Glove


Among the best-selling models this year, these Sphinx also make a good impression, suitable for adults, women and men, who are looking for the best on the market.

Despite being sold at a very competitive price, they rely on a genuine leather coating, and therefore less subject to suffering the effect of wear, soft to the touch and smooth, they are also a real pleasure for the sight as well as to guarantee excellent performance.

The aggressive look and the choice of colors elect them to be considered accessories suitable for tatami rather than ring sports. In fact, their design is made in such a way as to guarantee a certain elasticity and freedom of movement for the hand. The design is very ergonomic, to accommodate the hand and protect the thumb without limiting its movements too much.

The three layers of the internal padding in polyurethane foam guarantee, on the other hand, adequate protection of the joints and a good level of shock absorption.

The closure system has a 75 mm band to make it easier and more immediate to wear gloves and close them perfectly without risking that they slip during training or that they do not adhere well to the hand.

The price of these gloves is cheaper than that of others on sale, for this reason they could be the ideal solution for a beginner who just wants to do some trial lessons. We conclude the review with the pros and cons that you can read below.


  • Price:

They have a reasonable cost that adapts to the needs of those who are starting to practice combat sports and do not want to spend too much.

  • Materials:

They are covered in real leather and are padded with polyurethane foam, so you can hit the bag without suffering damage to the joints.


  • They are not exactly bag gloves, in fact some expert users recommend a more adherent and safer model.
  • Gloves seem to wear out quickly, especially if you use them often and for long packed sessions.


4.Adidas Boxing Gloves


The gloves that adidas offers in the medium-low price range are also part of our purchase advice: they are the most popular in terms of wearability and robustness, especially  considering the extremely advantageous price at which they are sold.

Younger athletes and women dress well, they are in fact available in sizes from 8 to 14 OZ. In particular, the width of the reinforcement on the wrist is large and measures 7.5 cm, not bad to ensure good adhesion to the joint and avoid accidents and sprains on this extremely delicate area.

As expected from this type of article, here too we find the inevitable hook and loop fastener, indispensable for solo workouts from home or in the gym.

The padding is made with a special gel  that manages to cushion and absorb the blow so that it does not lose power but its kickback does not damage the hands and joints.

It is a pair of boxing gloves suitable for younger athletes or women who want to start fighting sports or maybe try to do some self-taught sack. Let’s see what their pros and cons are.


  • Materials:

The padding of the gloves is made with a special gel that protects the hand and absorbs the blows given to the bag without damaging the joints.

  • Wrist:

The width of the reinforcement on the wrist is very wide, ideal to minimize the risk of sprains that could occur if you hit the bag badly.

  • Closure:

Like many other beginner or training gloves, these also have the convenient Velcro closure.


  • Combat:

They are not suitable for those who fight, but only for those who sack or try their hand at a bit of light sparring.

  • Colors:

They are only available in black or red / black, a somewhat limited choice for those looking for a more flamboyant model.

5. Everlast Boxing Gloves


The comparison between the best offers includes this beautiful model from Everlast, a brand that sports lovers have learned to know and appreciate the good relationship between quality and price that distinguishes its products.

Available in different colors, all with a certain appeal that never hurts, and that makes the athlete who wears them feel immediately at ease, the gloves also guarantee good performance on the ring during training.

They are made of synthetic leather but robust and resistant to shocks and continuous stresses. They are also well designed to protect the back of the hand and thumb from the contraindications of continuous stress. Available in different sizes, from 10 to 14, they have a good foam padding that completely wraps the hand, cushioning the blow well and absorbing the impact.

The wrist is well stabilized under the velcro closure which makes the fit better. No doubt about it, the numerous positive comments from the athletes who have chosen them as allies during training also confirm the good quality and great performance of this Everlast model.

Only the design of these gloves already makes them more threatening than the wearer. Let’s go now to see what are the features most appreciated by users, together with the only flaw found by reading their opinions.


  • Design:

Although novice users may be hesitant to show up in the gym with similar gloves, the bravest or intermediate fighters may really like the threatening and galvanizing design.

  • Materials:

The synthetic leather used is robust, so it will be able to withstand the impact with the heavier bags (or with the faces of your sparring companions).

  • Protection:

The back of the hand and thumb will be safe from incorrect movements and stresses thanks to the foam padding, so you will avoid unpleasant pain at the end of the workout.

  • Closure:

The presence of the velcro allows you to wear them easily and without any help.


  • Beginners:

These are always gloves for beginners or training, so for fights it is perhaps more advisable to look for other models.


6. Leone 1947 Flash Guantoni


If you are undecided and do not know which boxing gloves to buy, bet on the safe by taking a look at these Flashes of the historic Leone brand, still among the most popular offers by sportsmen around the world.

The gloves are made of PU, which is synthetic leather, they offer the advantage of ensuring good resistance even if they are very stressed and do not weigh as much as those of leather. They are 10 OZ gloves, therefore suitable for adult athletes and dress well for both men and women.

There are several sports for which these gloves are recommended, ranging from classic boxing to kickboxing with a broad look that includes both ring and tatami disciplines.

The closure is velcro, therefore easily adjustable even by a single person without a helper, ideal for training sessions in the gym or at home at any time. The availability of different colors is the icing on the cake that allows you to easily find the right model despite the sober and slightly vintage style that characterizes the gloves of this vintage brand.

Leone hardly disappoints when it comes to combat sports and this also applies to this pair of excellent boxing gloves. After the usual review of the pros and cons, you will find our link to the page where to buy the new product at low prices.


  • Versatile:

These are 10 oz gloves that can be worn by both men and women and used for various disciplines such as boxing or kickboxing.

  • Closure:

The velcro allows you to close them easily without being helped. If you cannot grasp it with the glove already worn, use your teeth!

  • Lightweight:

Being made of synthetic leather, these gloves ensure good resistance and weigh less than those of leather.

  • Choice:

The gloves are available in different colors, so you can buy the most pleasant ones according to your tastes.


  • Beginners:

Fighters or intermediates who hit the sack hard might want higher quality boxing gloves, because these are only good for making a little light sack.


How to Use Boxing Gloves?

If you have decided to approach boxing you will inevitably need boxing gloves, essential for practicing this sport, as well as mandatory. You have to pay some attention because many sports involve the use of gloves but not all models are good for boxing.

The weight of boxing gloves

The main thing that distinguishes the gloves is their weight which, by convention, you always find expressed in ounces with the symbol OZ. The weight varies from 6 (they are children’s gloves) to 16 ounces. Given that the choice of weight is more of a personal matter, we can say that the 10 OZ gloves offer a good compromise between weight and size. It is also an approved measure for most races.

The materials

When you are ready to buy boxing gloves you have to decide the type of material. The choice is also influenced by the amount of money available and has three possible options: synthetic material (gloves of this type are the cheapest), imitation leather and leather. The latter, for obvious reasons, are the most expensive but also the most durable. But it is also a question of comfort: the leather models, precisely because they are more expensive, also have something more in terms of comfort. It is of course a good thing to try on the gloves before deciding on the purchase or not, but you must always keep in mind that they need a period of adjustment during which they adapt to the shape of the hand and therefore become more comfortable.

The type of closure

There are two closure systems from which you can choose, that is, those with laces practically used by all professionals and those with Velcro, certainly more comfortable to put on and take off. The suggestion we can give is to use gloves with Velcro closure when training while in the race prefer those with laces that guarantee better grip but which also require the help of a second person to be worn and removed.

Avoid the stench

Gloves have a tendency to stink therefore it is good to take precautions. First of all, before wearing them, you must wash your hands thoroughly. Then it is better to use under gloves or bandages rolled around the hands to prevent sweat from being absorbed by the padding. After each use the gloves must be dried well, they must take air and must not be immediately thrown into the bag.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about boxing gloves!